Comments from industry professionals

“The STI or Speech Transmission Index serves audio practitioners well in providing an objective measure by which to qualify loudspeaker selection and placement. It is amazing to me that the video surveillance industry has not had a similar measure until now. The Gish Index® should prove invaluable in assuring that camera selection and placement are appropriate for the task.”

Pat Brown - SynAudCon
“Wow! This will change the business!! I have seen so many situations around the country where a camera system was sold, and the owner was not given an opportunity to "see" what they were actually going to see because the process was cost and time prohibitive. This will save the end user a great deal of time and money.”

Chuck Hibbert, President & CEO - Hibbert Safe School Consulting, Inc.
“As a major provider of information management solutions, I find the Gish Index® to be a very useful quantifiable and easily identifiable measurement for providing predictable resolution for video data. The Gish Index® provides a number that can be easily understood and then mutually agreed upon as the expected resolution for meeting a customer's need.”

John McKenzie, Business Development Manager - EMC Physical Security
Eastman Chemical Company is a global producer of more than 1,200 chemicals, fibers, and plastics with 16 manufacturing locations and sales offices worldwide. “I truly believe you have developed a great tool for helping to design a working CCTV solution. The vsCalc® software application utilizing the Gish Index® is a "Must have" for all designers and integrators when showing what camera and lens it will take to see the results a customer such as myself is expecting.”

J. Kirk Jones, Security Technologist - EASTMAN
“The Gish Index® of visual acuity may be the most useful tool for the physical security designer since the old sighting lens, the one I can never seem to find. Finally a way to show a client the measurable results before the cameras are deployed. The vsCalc® for iPad and iPhone will be a fantastic program for onsite and demo use with our customer, many of whom are IT professionals that may never have been exposed to video surveillance cameras.”

Brad Pyles, PSP, CSE - Orion Systems Group, Inc.
“The time required to select the appropriate camera and lens is significantly reduced when using this software.”

Alvaro Villalta, PE, President - Durkin & Villalta
“Our company has always tried to insure that recommendations we make meet our customers expectations. After spending some time evaluating your new "spec" tool I am convinced we can use this to reduce the time we spend on site walks and insure our customers expectations are met without having to set up a demo camera in every location that a camera is needed. Great job, I can't imagine how much time it took to put this together but it will be a great tool for meeting our customer needs.”

Jerry G. Wilkins - Security Products Marketing, Inc.
“I have found Gish Technology, Inc. to be very responsive to our every need. The comfort level I feel in dealing with them is one of complete trust. Their knowledge in dealing with our security system makes my job much easier.”

Elliott Gold, Campus/Security Coordinator - Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis
“Over the many years that we've partnered with Gish Technology Inc, I've always found the service and attention to detail to be exemplary. They are our go-to video systems experts. The vsCalc® software application allows for an easy preview of what me and my staff need to know about a specific camera lens combination and it's resolution capabilities.”

Pete Just, Chief Technology Officer - MSD Wayne Township
“Sweetwater is a rapidly growing and very fast moving retailer of hi-tech music gear sold nationwide. We have a 30+ year reputation of providing the highest level of customer service and expect a lot of our partners. Kurt Gish has been a trusted partner of Sweetwater's for over 25 years and provided valued advice in the design and selection of our IP based video surveillance system when we built our new 180,000 square foot state of the art corporate headquarters. The safety and security of our 500 employees are critical and Kurt's help was invaluable.”

Chuck Surack, President & CEO - Sweetwater Sound